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Artisans Tour



Beside traditional tours, we suggest you also an “Artisans Tour” (but mind you that most of them are closed on Sundays and on most of August as well).

This tour is shaped to introduce you to the world of the “Bottega” where tradition is carried on from one generation to the next thanks to the patience of learned artisans.

The expression “to go to the workshop”, has always meant learning the art of the artisan.

The apprentice would enter the Artisan’s workshop and get direct experience in the workplace as he worked, he learned, considering the artisan a master and the
workshop a school.

Most of the Renaissance artists were trained this way.

In the historic center of Florence some highly valued artisans still go on, capable of resisting industrial production and commercial competition.

This capacity is the result of the artisans treasuring and conserving the only thing that a machine cannot copy: his manual skill and ability to create unique objects.

We will be happy to arrange appointments at the best leather, wood carving, inlay mosaics, papier machè, marbleized paper, ceramics and wrought iron laboratories.

The artisans will give you hands-on demonstrations and explanations of their special technique.

Sometimes it is also possible to visit a “gelato laboratory” and to do gelato tasting.